Personal Power: Unleash Your Inner Giant!

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Personal Power: Unleash Your Inner Giant!


Are You the Master of Your Personal Power? Whether you know and accept it or not, you already have the ability to change your life and create the future you have always wanted.


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Everything you need to be great is already inside of you.

It is encompassed by your personal power, which is your innate ability to pursue meaning, love, and personal satisfaction in your life.

Personal power requires learning to master yourself, no other people.

Learning to embrace and harness your personal power requires that you embody its four components. The constructs of the self which form personal power are:

  • Your resilience to obstacles and setback
  • Your confidence in your talents, skills, and personal traits
  • Your competence or ability to make things happen that can change your life
  • Your self-esteem or belief in your ability to live life on your terms

Learning to cultivate and enhance these components of yourself will allow you to embrace your personal power, focus on your own goals and ambitions, and finally achieve everything you have wanted in your life. And all these components already exist within you. You just need to tap into and strengthen them to start living life on your terms.

If you want to learn to take advantage of your own personal power and control your destiny, then it is time you acted.

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NMO-AMSTERDAM, Charles van Veen/CEO

  • Catherina Cleverley
    03 May 2019

    This E-Book is full of great content. I love it and I will apply all that I learned in my life. Thank you, NMO-AMSTERDAM, and thank you, Charles van Veen!

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