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See Think and Do


This comprehensive book provides insights for mastering the art of Threshold Thinking that allows one to adapt to a given situation in any environment by understanding the capabilities that underpin things.


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When you read this book, you made a choice that will cost you time and energy. Why did you choose this book? 

You might have been driven by the cover design or your life experiences may have led you to this book, which I think is one of the most valuable books you could read. 

That’s right.  On the pages that follow within this book, you may find the very answer you have been looking for your entire life.  It can provide you the key you have been seeking for years, perhaps your entire life.

 You can use this book however you want to, start at the beginning or jump around as you desire and just start reading. 

This book is designed to engage your mind and get you thinking about possibilities you might have never thought of before because your mind IS sharper than you think.

This book will allow you to master the following skills:

  • See through and size-up different situations quickly and come to a single solution repeatedly
  • Understand how the world will work in the next 2 – 20 years
  •  Learn how to strategically think deeply and widely to improve decision-making skills
  • Know form follows function
  •  Identify six rules of war that are fixed in all situations
  • Learn the priority of the rules of war that must be followed for success
  •  Master getting the opposition to violating their rules or will
  • Deal with growth while maintaining balance, confidence, and creativity
  • How to ask questions, make good decisions, influence others, prioritize, and take risks
  • Get an incremental edge needed to win in any environment
  •  Ask even better questions and reflect to make better decisions that lead to insight
  •  Handle and adapt to the speed and variety of changing environments
  •  Disconnect from the noise and sense deeply the decisive moment
  •  Use algorithms, data sets, indexes, and themes to see results
  • In a machine-driven age driving by speed – use judgment, time, and perspective as your competitive edge
  • Step back and think about time-tested Sharper ideas and applications
  • Expand your intellectual horizons by the power of suggestion
  • How to master plan, delegate, recruit people, and report information
  •  Think in a multidisciplinary/Sharper way exploring the meaning of things
  •  Grasp Sharperprinciples and underlying values at a glance
  •  Relate new problems to old solved problems over a range of situations
  • Learn what something means and more specifically, what it means to you

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  • Ron M.
    29 Apr 2019

    The best book about thinking, planning, and strategy that I ever read.

  • Lynn S.
    29 Apr 2019

    Great book! Clear, results-driven!

  • William T.
    29 Apr 2019

    The book builds on the respected scholarly books on critical and exponential thinking!

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