The Little Entrepreneurs: Journey to Business Bay

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The Little Entrepreneurs: Journey to Business Bay


Three diverse children with unique strengths discover that their school's playground is old and unsafe. Jamie suggests raising money to build a new playground. The friends decide to start a small business to fund their project.


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Number of Pages: 47

The children consult with local entrepreneurs and learn about budgeting, planning, and teamwork. They decide to start a lemonade stand, applying their new knowledge.
Alex, Jamie, and Casey design a unique lemonade stand, incorporating fun games and activities to attract more customers, showcasing their creativity.
The story addresses common business challenges, such as competition and supply issues, and how the children tackle them with innovative solutions and determination.
As they face obstacles, Casey's leadership shines, helping the team stay focused and motivated. They learn the importance of working together and leveraging each other's strengths.
The lemonade stand became popular, and they started earning more money than expected. They learn about scaling a business and managing growth.
With the funds raised, the children help build a new playground. They realize the impact of their work on the community, inspiring others to take initiative.
The book concludes with the children reflecting on their journey, the lessons learned about entrepreneurship, creativity, and leadership, and dreaming of their next big project.


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