The Green Oasis

Children, Kids & Teens

The Green Oasis


In a bustling city setting, with tall buildings and busy streets, a curious child, living in the city, dreams of seeing more greenery.


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Number of Pages: 26

The child discovers a small, neglected plot of land between buildings. Finds an old, forgotten seed packet in their apartment and decides to plant it.
The seed begins to sprout, exciting the child and attracting the attention of neighbors. The child learns about the importance of water, sunlight, and care in helping plants grow.
The garden starts to expand as more community members join in to help. The child learns about different plants and how they contribute to sustainability.
The garden flourishes, and the community decides to organize a harvest festival. The child understands the concepts of community, sharing, and sustainability.
The story concludes with the garden becoming a green oasis in the city. The child reflects on the journey and the impact of their small action on the community and environment.

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