The Subpoena from the Adventures of Cluck-CLuck Series

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The Subpoena from the Adventures of Cluck-CLuck Series


It all began when a little Yellow Nape parrot arrived at the family pet shop in one of the weekly deliveries.


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Nothing was ever the same again for the owners and their five children as the parrot worked his way into their hearts with his crazy personality. He made such a big impression, they decided to adopt him as their special feathered member of the family. He earned the name of Cluck-Cluck because he made a funny clucking sound in his throat when he was excited, wanted attention, nervous, or just clucked away because he could, which was most of the time. He could talk up a storm and had a beautiful singing voice that would put any operatic star to shame and proved to be far superior to any watchdog or security system. The minute anyone approached the home, by foot or motor vehicle, he immediately began his vocal or musical repertoire. Cluck-Cluck knew he was smart however, when a subpoena was delivered to a Polly Parrot Smith, he knew he was in trouble. (Yes, you read this correctly.) Little did the family know that Cluck-Cluck’s keen sense of hearing would foil the plans of an attempted burglary at their home. and land him in court as the key witness. Follow The Adventures of Cluck-Cluck, the first of many, and observe our legal system in action in The Subpoena, as Cluck-Cluck has his day in court and justice served by upholding and standing firm on the 5th Amendment.

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