The Alkaline Baby: Cairo's Meal Guide

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The Alkaline Baby: Cairo's Meal Guide


Embrace a healthier way of eating for your child/children with a glimpse into plant based diet


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Choosing to embrace a plant based diet and more alkaline lifestyle comes with much apprehension―especially when you have to acclimate your children to it as well. The Alkaline Baby is a look into how our 1 year old eats on a daily basis  with an alkaline diet. Filled with delicious recipes like Chocolate Oat Pancakes and Chickpea Patties, along with information and advice for making this way of eating not only sustainable but also enjoyable. This book will show you how easy it can be to help your child/children embrace whole foods and fall in love with eating healthy.

Inside this plant based diet book you’ll find:

  • Knowledge―Discover what it's like to feed an alkaline kid from birth to 1 year old and some things you need to know about a plant based diet, like how to make creative, hearty, tasty meals for your little one(s)
  • Easy Meals ―Enjoy some easy plant-based recipe favorites for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

.Make this diet a lifestyle.

Learn the delicious versatility of a plant based diet and get on the road to optimal health

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