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Secrets Of Success


Tips and tricks to help you move your business forward online, especially when the physical side of business and footfall has taken a beating due to the Pandemic


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2020 was one of the hardest years for business, even more so on the Physical Side of the business. Enforced closures (Lockdown), safety measures (limit number of visitors), drastic reduction in footfall (Lockdown, No one wanting to risk going out unless they absolutely have to), means now, more than ever, business owners are looking online to try to improve sales.

Here at HelGar Digital, and HelGar Academy, we want to help our local businesses make money to help cover for the loss of sales from customers either being unable to physically visit the store, or having to close the business as it is NOT classified as essential.

So we decided to publish this guide - Secrets To Success in order to give you some tips and tricks to help you re-evaluate your business and focus on moving forward by either moving more online or improving the goods and services offered already

This guide is over 100 pages, as well as producing Ebooks, we also offer various software and services to help our clients

You can get in touch if you require more information about the products and services offered by HelGar Digital, our marketing, and software agency, or HelGar Academy where we offer training courses for internet marketing, affiliate marketing, content creation and health & fitness

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