Midjourney Prompts Book Two Midjourney Prompts Book Two

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Midjourney Prompts Book Two


Discover with Book Two, prompts and demo images as well as prompts to help users with getting the best from Midjourney and other AI Created Graphic Platforms. There are nearly 1400 demo images available inside this ebook.


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eBook Content Details:

Many people and businesses have recognised that AI is the way forward to create their own graphics, ensuring there are no copyright issues and the graphics created look authentic and amazing but are only as good as the prompts that are entered. Businesses have realised that unless they get on board the AI Journey they will be left behind by their competitiors and although there are a number of resources for AI image creation most only show you the text prompts. So unless you want to go through each individually which will cost and take up band width and allocated server space, there is no way of telling what each prompt will give you.

The only other way would be to go to a prompt shop and search through the many prompts available to find what you are seeking but this will take a lot of time and effort and even then you have to purchase the prompt before you can see the prompt description. So when you purchase this ebook you will have a vast library of graphics available under various catergories to select from. Then using these prompts you are able to create stunning Graphics that will wow your intended audience. 

The 22 categories shown in Book Two and together show nearly 1400 demo images are:

Expressionism Prompts and Designs

Futuristic Cityscapes Prompts and Designs

Contemporary Art Styles Prompts and Designs

Minimalism Prompts and Designs

Wildlife Prompts and Designs

Concept Art Prompts and Designs

Dark Fantasy Prompts and Designs

Travel and Tourism Prompts and Designs

Nature Scenes Prompts and Designs

Futuristic Fashion Prompts and Designs

Trompe-l'oeil Art Prompts and Designs

Emotions and Feelings Prompts and Designs

Vehicles and Transportation Prompts and Designs

Street Art and Graffiti Prompts and Designs

Surreal Portaiture Prompts and Designs

Art Deco Prompts and Designs

Dreamscapes Prompts and Designs

Rococo Art Prompts and Designs

Portraits Prompts and Designs

Ancient Civilisations Prompts and Designs

Childhood Memories Prompts and Designs

Post-Apocalyptic Worlds Prompts and Designs

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