The Midjourney Introductory Book The Midjourney Introductory Book

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The Midjourney Introductory Book


Discover with this Introductory, prompts and demo images as well as prompts to help users get to grips with using Midjourney and other AI Created Graphic Platforms. With 84 prompts that show you how to create some amazing images.


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eBook Content Details:

Inside this ebook you will discover the various prompts for using Abstract Art, Surreal Art, Landscape Photography, Portrait Photography, Minimalism, Impressionism, Realism, Pop Art, Street Photography, Night Photography as well as various lens settings and filters to get the best from your graphic prompts. Including:

Wide-Angle Lenses, Telephoto Lenses, Macro Lenses, Polarising Filters, Neutral Density Filters and more...

You will also discover: 84 image prompts and over 300 demo images using these same prompts.

The Basics Of Using Midjourney Prompts
Test Prompts To Try Out Using Midjourney
Midjourney Prompts For Scenes and Landscapes
Midjourney Prompts For Historical Painting Settings
Midjourney Prompts For Historical Photo Settings

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