How To Produce Amazing A.I. Images With Midjourney How To Produce Amazing A.I. Images With Midjourney

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How To Produce Amazing A.I. Images With Midjourney


In this eBook you will learn How To Produce Amazing A.I. Images With Midjourney that are sure to make your graphics that you use on your website, social media, flyers and general artistic 'POP' and 'WOW' - price in UK £5, in the US $7


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eBook Content Details:

In this eBook you will learn how to instantly create professional digital art for your projects, books, documentation, research, or business. 
You will discover how to make prompts to generate art and creative content in Midjourney and other text-to-image platforms. But first you have to know how to register and set up your own named server space within to be able to create amazing text-to-image designs in styles that cover a variety of different artistic and graphic drawing styles such as the below:

  • Illustrations
  • Portraits
  • Landscapes
  • Sketches and Infographics
  • Industrial and Architectural Design
  • 3D
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy and Games

AI Image Midjourney Creation 1
It explains how to make prompts to generate art and creative content

AI Midjourney Image Creation 2Creating a great artwork with artificial intelligence takes time. The ebook provides best practices and tested prompts to get started quickly. What is a prompt? A prompt is a loosely defined input, like a phrase or instruction that tells A.I. what to do. The art of creating prompts is just like the art of talking to people: if you’re skilled in this art you’ll get fantastic results!

AI has helped to revolutionise how artists approach the creative process,allowing them to create beautiful and thought-provoking images. AI-driven image creation techniques have become increasingly popular, with the technology being used to generate articial neural networks capable of producing photo realistic images that can be used for a variety of purposes

The first step in creating an AI image generator prompt is to determine the intention or desired outcome of the generated image. For example, if the goal is to generate a picture of a tree, the AI system must understand that the resulting image should represent a tree and not something else.

Included within this eBook you will find the following Chapters:  

* Introduction To The A.I Revolution
* What Is Midjourney & Why This Is Necessary?
* What Is Discord & Why You Can Benet From It?
* How To Use Midjourney Bot & Create Great Images
* The Future Of A.I. Image Creation & Image Prompts
* Conclusion

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