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Science Of Life 2!


Secrets Of Consciousness & How You Build Your World! All is mental and the mind is number! How to be INTUNE in business and create your own LIFESTYLE!


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The Science of Life 2 is the Science of Number.

To understand this is to understand the fundamentals of the Universe itself. 

Some may say, “How is the Science of Life Number?”

Well, it is because everything we do, have built, will build and how we live is based upon numbers.

We wake up, we have an idea, the idea is one, we think about the idea and that is two, we decide upon a conclusion regarding the idea and that is three.

Then we go out into the world and attempt to live out this idea or produce this idea that we have created within our minds and that is four!

Now this is a simple example of number and how it is fundamental to all things that we do.

The consciousness of a person is 1, the first Thought or Thot, because as the old saying goes, “As a man thinketh, so he IS!”

So what you think, that is what is going to be made manifest, sometime it may happen soon, but always over time.

But let’s get into this a bit deeper.

Consciousness is something that no scientist of this time has really been able to speak about in length, but was often spoken of in earlier time.

The ancients spoke of Consciousness as the beginning of all things and it was consciousness, the awareness of life and its surrounding and your relationship to it as the very foundation of your being.


  • Gloria Parsons
    07 Sep 2021

    Amazing e Book! I learned many different things I did not know of before!

  • Gwyn Tawrin
    11 Sep 2021

    Step by Step Affiliate promises to stimulate, motivate, encourage and spark continuous feelings of “I CAN DO IT!” 

  • Marcus Young
    09 Oct 2021

    The E BOOK SCIENCE OF LIFE 2 was intriguing. Great examples of how mathematics relates to our everyday lives, the order of how we operate & our thoughts being mathematical equations. The section on Consciousness was spectacular. He gets in depth but makes what could be a complex, difficult discussion, very simple to understand. By MARCUS YOUNG

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