Study Aids Story 4 God's Covenant with Abraham

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Study Aids Story 4 God's Covenant with Abraham


Study Aids for Open Bible Stories, Story 4, God's Covenant with Abraham, A Bible Story from the Book of Genesis, E-Book


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E-Book, Study Aids for Open Bible Stories. Story #4 God's Covenant with Abraham

Story #4 is a Bible story from the book of Genesis. This story talks about many descendants born to Noah. But, even though Noah was a righteous man, his descendants did not obey God. They refused to fill the earth. Instead, they built a city and a tower to honor themselves. Therefore, God confused their language so they would separate into groups. Later, God chose Abram and promised to bless every language group through his descendants. Abram believed God would do this, even though he did not have a son. Therefore, God was pleased with Abram and declared him righteous.

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