Study Aids Story 3 The Flood

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Study Aids Story 3 The Flood


Study Aids for Open Bible Stories, Story 3, The Flood, A Bible Story from The Book of Genesis, E-Book


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E-Book, Study Aids for Open Bible Stories. Story #3 The Flood

Story #3 is a Bible story from the book of Genesis. This story talks about the story of the flood showing that God must punish people who sin against him. But he also wants to save people who honor him. Noah lived in a time when almost everyone was wicked. In spite of that, Noah honored God and taught his family to honor him as well. Therefore, God made a way for Noah and his family to escape God's punishment. Noah obeyed God. He built the boat and took his family into it. God then closed the door and protected them from the flood. After the flood, God told them to fill the earth again. Noah continued to honor God, and God promised never to destroy the earth with a flood again.

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