Get $300K in Business Credit (PART 1) Get $300K in Business Credit (PART 1)

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Get $300K in Business Credit (PART 1)


Using only your personal credit score to fund your own company might be a risky business enterprise. What if you cross out the use of your charge cards, or an unforeseen event happens? Financial institutions do not lend to high-risk entrepreneurs.


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Short of having an armed associate with me personally, the protective shield of the business has been mandatory. Minus the benefits of a corporation, business owners ' are literally saying to their creditors, "If my business cannot pay its own bills, please take my home, financial institution accounts, auto, jewelry, household furnishings, along with all other individual property to meet the debt".

The legal services of organizing my organization were comparatively inexpensive. The tax ID and LLC registration price was significantly much less than $300.00. Truly it would have been comparable to hiring somebody named "Guido".

It is projected that about 250,000 people start off businesses every year. Financing is often looked at as the real obstacle for most marketers.

Your understanding of financing could be the beginning of your travels toward a solution. Realizing the issues, understanding the challenges of every single move, and being armed with information will provide you with the resources to be successful. I am going to "walk" you through the method I've learned from others along with a couple lessons I learned myself.

This journey will show you how to get up to $300K in Business credit. Having that type of credit or capital at your disposal can open up so many doors for you financially. The BEST PART is that you are not using your personal credit. The business will be what funds the $300K and you can use this money to grow your enterprise!

  • John T
    05 May 2021

    This book has been a great help! I've been building my business credit steadily

  • Hazel J
    11 Jun 2021

    I didn't know what to expect, but this book has shown me SO much. I cannot wait for part two!

  • John B
    14 Apr 2021

    This book really laid out a path that I could easily follow. I'm building up my credit and learning how to make better financial choices.

  • Sharon G
    27 Apr 2021

    I didn't understand how business credit worked at all. I have now learned the importance of keeping my business and personal credit separate.

  • Auriel B
    17 Mar 2021

    I am a college student. I must say that implementing the concepts in this book are really easy. I've applied at multiple places for credit cards, and now I can see my financial capabilities becoming stronger.