Rich Landlord Poor Landlord - Landlord Riches! Rich Landlord Poor Landlord - Landlord Riches!

Rich Landlord Poor Landlord - Landlord Riches!


Killer Strategies to buy, rent, & profit from rental properties. many people fear becoming a landlord, yet if done correctly you could create a cashflow opportunity that can be used to replace your current employment.


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In order to be a successful and wealthy landlord, the individual must be committed to putting in some time, energy and money into the
said property to ensure its living conditions are acceptable to the prospective tenant.

Being focused on staying committed to providing the very best for the tenant, to justify the rental charges should be the primary
objective of the owner. If the owner shows some level of commitment to the tenant’s comfort, the exercise of getting the tenant to commit to a long
lease or to renew the lease would be easier.

Likewise the tenant would also want to keep the relationship on good terms therefore would also do everything necessary to ensure
the property is kept in good condition and the rental is paid on time.

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