How To Write A Highly Effective Business Plan (Audiobook)

How To Write A Highly Effective Business Plan (Audiobook)
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How To Write A Highly Effective Business Plan (Audiobook)


This audiobook is based from the e-book, "How To Write A Highly Effective Business Plan" and will be your guide to and through writing your business plan.


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This is for those who would rather listen than read. It is your crash course for writing an effective business plan. A step by step guide for you, so that you will have a better chance of succeeding because you will have written an effective business plan. You will know everything that should be incuded. There is no sugar coating it, you will read what you need to do to complete this challenge. Some business owners may decide that if and when they need a loan or an investor for additional funding is when they will write one. Writing a business plan is not a simple and quick task.  But keep in mind that you will need a business plan to present for any funding request from an outside source. But over anything, your writing a  business plan for you, first and foremost. If you are in a partnership, for them too. Inside this e-book you will read why you're writing a business plan for you first, and lenders /investors second.

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