6 Simple Habits of Power 6 Simple Habits of Power
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6 Simple Habits of Power


In this e-book you will discover how you can apply 6 simple habits that will change your life forever!


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There is one thing that differentiates happy and successful individuals from misfortune, unsuccessful individuals. It is all in the attitude and personal power.

We cannot all the time control the conditions that we chance upon, however what we may control is how we respond to them.

In that way we may make fresh selections and take a different action, therefore bringing ourselves toward success.

A positive mental attitude for life success is utterly crucial and provides great personal power.

Once you have an extremely positive attitude, you will have a greater expectation of success and more personal power.

It forever appears that we get what we anticipate, and when you anticipate success and power that is precisely what you will wind up discovering.

To help you formulate the sort of mental attitude that will bring success and personal power, I wish to share this book with you to help you accomplish better results.

 - Dr. J. Eissenberg