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In this eBook, you will learn how to create your own high conversion, sales boosting sales video in 12 easy steps without needing to hire expensive copywriters or videographers.


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Why Video Sales Letters (VSLs) Are The Most Effective Way to Sell Online

Here are a few reasons why Video Sales Letters are so powerful and why you should consider using them….

  • First of all it stimulates both the visual and the audio senses.
  • Video is the ideal medium if you want to explain how something works, and that is perfect when you are selling.
  • People will remember video 5 times more than text and simple images.
  • It’s easier to establish an emotional connection with your potential customer thanks to the use of the right voice over.

The VSL Matrix PRO eBook deconstructs the 12-Step battle-tested framework in creating a successful Video Sales Letter.

The objective of the eBook is to guide the user with the detailed steps that ensures the following elements are working together in a VSL:

  • Generate interest for the viewer
  • Engage the viewer to continue their interest in watching
  • Educate the viewer about your product
  • Close the product sale for you

When you consider that a short video sales letter can outsell a long form text-only sales page by more than 300 per cent, the significance of embracing this method of selling becomes self-evident.

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If you answered YES, then you definitely need to check out VSL Matrix NOW.  This course is made specifically for those who will answer YES to any of the questions below:

Are you sick and tired of seeing many people walk over to your competitors’ businesses while you struggle with getting 1 or 2 to walk into your store?

Are you jealous of your competitors hiring more and more people each week while you, on the other hand, are thinking about how to let go of your employees?

And lastly, are you tired of seeing your competitors gloat over their VSL Matrix?

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  • Arnold Fuentes
    26 Sep 2020

    I just bought it on their very big introductory discount! I have started reading it and wow talk of value!

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