Publish and Die
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Publish and Die

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Ella is desperate to obtain full control of the family publishing company. Will she kill to achieve her objectives?


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Publish and Die.


Were there no limits to her ambition?


Would she kill to get what she wanted?


Will Hartley survive her desperate efforts?


Ella was part of the family, but only by marriage. She wanted everything to which she believed she ought to be entitled, including control of the family magazine publishing business.


She will do anything to have the power that went with the position.


Her scheming against all other participants in the business reaches its peak when she enlists a motorcycle gang to further her intentions.


Hartley goes to England to expand the company and, together with the new writers he recruits, becomes involved with bringing down a pedophile ring.


There are some violent men to be dealt with during his time in England.


In the meantime, Ella plots his demise and plans to have it all.


Will she kill to reach her objective?

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