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Building 3D Model Cars: Great Family Excitement Printable eBook For Children and Adults


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This eBook can empower children's Cognitive Skills using the Engineering Design Process. Cognitive Skills involves the mental actions or processes of obtaining knowledge and understanding through senses, thoughts and experiences. Cognitive Skills are skills the brain uses to learn, to think, to read, to remember, to pay attention and to solve problems. The Engineering Design Process allows student to engage their Cognitive Skills and reinforce creativity as they build 3D Model Cars.

The Engineering Design Process Steps are: 1.) Ask - Children will ask themselves what are the steps involved in building 3D Model Cars. 2.) Imagine - Children will then use their creativity skills by imagining how the 3D Models Cars will look upon completion. 3.) Plan - Children will plan the steps that is essential in building their 3D Model Cars. 4.) Design/Create - Children will then design or create their 3D Model Cars. 5.) Improve - Children will think about how the concept of building 3D Model Cars can be improved.

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