The Art of Ayurveda

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The Art of Ayurveda


Learn all about the Art of Ayurveda and how it can help improve your health.


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The big C, resistance to antibiotics, the rise of HIV cases, and other hard to pronounce “new diseases” – is the world getting sicker by the moment? Maybe, but the question is why?

Despite all of the technological advances, modern medicine, and state-of-the-art hospital equipment/machines, why does it seem that millennials have much bigger baggage in terms of their health?

Although it is a fact that man’s ancestors have also battled with different kinds of diseases and epidemics, they did not have the advantage this modern day and age are able to provide. What does it mean to be “healthy” nowadays?

Good health can be defined not only as of the absence of disease but a state of having a sense of balance emotionally, physically, and mentally. Balance seems to be the “it” thing nowadays as it is becoming such a rare thing to behold. Stress, on the other hand, being one of the most apparent manifestations of imbalance is so common it has become a household name.

The price of disease nowadays is excruciating. It means diminishing bank accounts, time away from loved ones, grief, sadness, and sometimes, even death. Taking control of one’s life and taking the necessary precaution is still the best option. This is the point where the science of Ayurveda comes into play.

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