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With the age of modern materials, many people don’t understand the scope of uses for bamboo. This eBook will show you how to utilize bamboo in some fascinating ways.


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A bamboo tree is a monocotyledonous plant that grows healthy in diverse climates. Although many of its species are seen in tropical climates, some bamboo tree species can survive winter in cold mountains. The reason for this, according to some botanists, is the
capability of bamboo culms to harden when winter is near, and its roots dig miles and miles below to sustain itself with the proper nutrients and water.

If you plan to grow a bamboo tree in your backyard, you must be aware first whether your bamboo is a 'clumping' or a 'running' one. This will guide you on how to plant, trim, and prune your bamboos to avoid invasive growth, especially the running species. Running
bamboos spreads quickly; as long as there are loam where they can ran around, they will do so, unlike the clumping bamboos that merely group together thickly in one place.

Uses of this tree are diverse. Shrub-sized and pot-sized bamboos are beautiful evergreens for backyard landscaping. Bamboo shoots or the young culms sprouts are edible and may be pickled. The mature bamboo culms can be used for woodworking and

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    21 Jul 2019

    Pretty good reference.

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    29 Aug 2019

    What an awesome book on bamboos.