The Art of Archery The Art of Archery


The Art of Archery


Beginners Guide to Markmanship


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With all of the di*erent sports out there, from soccer to football to golf, it can be a tough choice to ,nd the perfect sport to ,t your personality. If you are looking for something which does not require a ton of physical activity like you would ,nd in soccer or swimming, then perhaps archery would be the perfect sport for you. Over time, if you ,nd yourself making it to the professional levels, you can travel the world and meet interesting people and see unique places, all because of your archery talent. Furthermore, archery is a sport which you can practice by yourself or with a coach – there is no need for several other people on a team to meet at one time just for practice. This makes archery a sport in which you are truly competing primarily against yourself to be able to make the best shots.

  • Gerardo Boyd
    26 Apr 2019

    It’s a very good book for anyone interested in archery. it’s highly recommended!

  • Verna Wilkerson
    19 May 2019

    So I feel like this book it more for like, people who don't know how to shoot, and/or people who want to make a career out of it. But overall, great book.

  • Gustavo Maxwell
    01 Jun 2019

    Excellent book!

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