Witch of the Sahara

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Witch of the Sahara


This Sahara series story (40 books) is about Teuns Stegmann’s adventures in the Sahara desert. Together with his four loyal friends in the French Foreign Legion, they experienced one after the other exciting, tense, and action-driven adventure.


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This is the first story in the Sahara Adventure series, in which you will meet, among others, Teuns Stegmann, a South African. The brother of Teuns Stegmann's fighter aircraft was shot down during the Second World War in the mighty Sahara desert by a German pilot. Desert Arabs then capture and killed him before he could escape. To avenge the death of his brother, Teuns then left his beautiful wine farm in the Hex valley, to join the French Foreign Legion in the Sahara desert.
His life story begins when a Legionnaire is fortunate enough to survive an attack by the Arabs in the desert. He speaks of an extremely attractive white woman, who apparently commanded the attack on the French patrol. Colonel Le Clerq of Fort Dini Salam decides to immediately retaliate. He sends his faithful captain D’Arlan with two hundred men, including Teuns and his companions, to break the so-called “white witch’s” power in the Atlas Mountains before she has too much French blood on her hands.
Very soon, however, the column ends up in serious trouble. They are trapped by the Doelaks in the desert, without a drop of water to drink. And, as if this is not bad enough, they will later be forced to work in a radioactive Uranium mine with some of them being sent to the “Hill of the Eagles”. Will Teuns’s experience together with D’Arlan’s ingenuity, who is considered “the Houdini of the dessert,” be enough to save them from their predicament? Read the exciting story to find out for yourself.


  • Brandon Fouche
    14 Oct 2019

    I remember this brilliant series of Sahara books in Afrikaans. What a joy to see it translated into English. Hope to see the rest of this series also in English.