Our Kids Cooking Club Otto's Oatmeal

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Our Kids Cooking Club Otto's Oatmeal


A Note for the Grown Ups: Our Kids Cooking Club books are designed to teach kids basic cooking skills without requiring a lot of adult intervention.


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Meet Our Kids’ Cooking Club!

Andrea, Otto, Graham and Blossom love cooking so much that they formed Our Kids Cooking Club. Each week they meet at someone’s house and everyone gets to make a dish that the group can share!

The recipes in this book are all made in the microwave (not the stove).

Otto loves oatmeal. In this book he is going to teach us to make oatmeal with bananas.

We have included a Microwave Safety Tips sheet that can start a conversation about microwave safety, also

a coloring book page, games and exercises are included.

  • Jean Shepard
    19 Apr 2020

    This recipe is so easy for my kids to use and I feel comfortable if they need a snack before i get home from work they will be able to do that safely.