Teach Your Child to Read

Teach Your Child to Read


38% of 4th-Grade students have reading abilities below the lowest basic level as determined by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (USA). It is important to give your child a head start on reading!


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This book offers an introduction to teaching your child to read at a very early age. It presents a simple a way to give your child the ability to read and comprehend in a way far above the average. Here is what is covered:

  • The Early Reader
  • Orientation to Print
  • Summary: A Head Start
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Benefits of Early Reading
  • Research Studies
  • When to Start a Reading Program
  • The Phoneme
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Teaching Phonemes
  • Phonemic Strategy
  • Teaching Phonemes (continued)
  • Phonics
  • Teaching Phonics
  • Introducing More Letters and Phonic Sounds
  • Teaching Your Baby to Read
  • Two Main Teaching Methods
  • Whole Language Method
  • Teaching Baby by Phonics
  • Actual Experience with a Whole Language Program
  • The Phonic Method