Delicious Smoothies for a Better Body
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Delicious Smoothies for a Better Body


Love smoothies? Want some variety? Look at this...


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Start your blenders!

Quickly and easily create delicious simple smoothies while still keeping it fun and fresh. Whether you're a parent just learning how to make fun and tasty smoothies or you've been at it for years, you'll savor these one-of-a-kind smoothies! 

Experience Delicious Smoothies for a Better Body with 21 delightful, nutrient-rich, energizing, high-protein smoothies perfect for every occasion. 

And feel great indulging in these delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies - everything from breakfast smoothies to superfood smoothies and even purple smoothies - even your kids will be beggin' for more!

A must-have family resource.  

Grab yours today and learn how to create delicious fruit and veggie smoothies that spotlight high protein, healthy fats, and are nutrient-rich - with delicious flavors and are simple and easy to make.