Mandalas Challenge Vol 1

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Mandalas Challenge Vol 1


Mandala Coloring Graphics for stress relief during Lockdown, No sports on TV, no friends visiting, no work, lots of stress, and uncertainty about tomorrow. For Adults, and Kids. Not available on Amazon! "50" awesome graphics.


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Mandalas Challenges Vols 1 and 2 (NOT available on Amazon. Why? These Volumes are NOT glue-bound books. Download only!)

Covid-19 Lockdown got you all bummed out? Bored stiff because you're watching sports replays from 25 years ago? Or maybe you have PTSD from past Service, or what you've seen while on duty as a Paramedic, Policeperson, or Emergency Room Doc!

Mandalas coloring may just be the answer to relieve some of that stress you have! According to Researchers, Psychiatrists, and other experts -- people who need stress relief have shown great strides towards that relief by coloring Mandalas.

According to these same experts, the process of concentrating during coloring of these Mandalas relieves the mental pressures of whatever is causing the stress. The mind can't be bothered with two things at the same time. And if soothing music is playing in the background while coloring, then the relief is even greater. (Recommend: www.youtube.com/user/cafemusicbgmchannel)

Mandalas Challenges Vols 1 and 2 are NOT available on Amazon. Only available by Download. Each Volume of 50 Mandalas graphics is in downloadable PDF format. Print out one at a time, or all at once. If you don't like the graphic you just colored -- print it out again and have a "Do-Over". If you're excited about your artwork, why not frame it and hang it! 

Here's a good Challenge: Why not print out multiple copies of one graphic for each member of the family and see who does the best coloring job! But don't cause any fights because two members want the same coloring stick at the same time!! NO stress!!

ENJOY the Mandalas, and more importantly, RELIEVE that stress!! If you like one Volume, get the other one also. BUY NOW!!

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