How I Got The Green Card In Less Than Six Months

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How I Got The Green Card In Less Than Six Months


The fastest and surest way to the Green Card under Trump Administration explained in detail. No national limits, and no backlogs!


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If you would like to learn the fastest and surest way to the Green Card under Trump Administration, this eBook is for you.

Based on real-life examples of the author who fulfilled nine out of 10 requirements multiple times - while the USCIS requires you to fulfil at least three out of 10, you will learn how to copy her steps and achieve similar results. Filled with actionable tips and useful advice, you will be ready to tackle challenging requirements. 

This eBook is for those who dare to take action to fulfil their dream of permanent residency within the largest world economy, the land of opportunity, the United States of America.

Use this opportunity, while the pandemic lasts, to prepare yourself to fulfil the requirements for the fastest and surest way to the US Green Card.

  • Joe Jarack
    28 Mar 2020

    WOW! Impressive! Much needed too.

  • Shaktidevi Pattanayak
    28 Mar 2020

    Being an Indian, this book finally gives me hope I could actually fulfill my dream of getting my Green Card in a year or two.

  • Yevgeniy J. Petrov
    28 Mar 2020

    Very useful advice. Highly, highly, highly recommended!

  • Matthew Bushwick
    28 Mar 2020

    Cool stuff. A really good read.

  • Miya Chan
    28 Mar 2020

    Great story! Awesome tips. Not for everyone though.

  • Alex Dumanovsky
    28 Mar 2020

    AMAZING! A must read! Even if you don't need a Green Card, the book is full of tips how to get awards, recognitions, media attention, published, showcased, and so much more. Definitely worth my time!

  • Ibrahim Zhulali
    28 Mar 2020

    Surprisingly good book. Many practical tips.

  • Miriam Schuster
    28 Mar 2020

    Outstanding book! Really helpful. Looking forward to more books from this author.

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