Become an Expert in the AnatomoPhysioPsychology of your Child's Mind and Prevent your Child from ever becoming a Blind Follower
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Become an Expert in the AnatomoPhysioPsychology of your Child's Mind and Prevent your Child from ever becoming a Blind Follower


‘Become an Expert in understanding your Children’s Mind and prevent them from ever becoming a blind follower’ is a MUST for all parents, who discover how their children's mind functions; and, thus, prevent them from ever becoming a blind follower.


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This work constitutes the first volume of a series of 60 Volumes on Surgical Psychoanalysis, which is a complete science in itself, developed by the author himself during his 25 years of researches into the human mind.

This first volume is entitled ‘Become an Expert in The AnatomoPhysioPsychology of Your Child’s Mind and Prevent your Child from Ever Becoming a Blind Follower’, and is of utmost importance to a clear understanding of the whole subject of Surgical Psychoanalysis. One may call it the ‘fundamental basis’, from which the whole subject of Surgical Psychoanalysis developed.

Dr MP Rambarun considers the mastering of this first volume a must for all parents, educators et al., not only for the eventual practice of Surgical Psychoanalysis, but also and mainly for the understanding of the child’s mind anatomy and how it functions.

Emphasis here is put on small children up to the age of 5. Not surprisingly, as from 5 years old, the child’s mind ‘modus operandi’ is crystallized once and for all - however, it remains now possible to ‘deprogram’ an evil ‘modus operandi’ of the mind with the assistance of Surgical Psychoanalysis and bring back the individual to a logical mind.

Dr MP Rambarun, in this first Volume of Surgical Psychoanalysis, explains the step-by-step functioning of the mind (not to confuse with the brain) and put emphasis on the importance of each step before moving to the following step.

An understanding of all the steps individually and, later, how they harmoniously intermingle with each other is the very secret of a healthy logical mind.

Dr MP Rambarun puts special emphasis on the fact that as children are exposed from the very beginning to word sounds, words, groups of words and emotional words, and that these are automatically interpreted by their subconscious minds the way they have been ‘programmed’ by their everyday environment, special attention must be given to this very everyday environment, which includes, among others, discussions between inattentive or ‘bad’ parents, ‘reasoning’ of incompetent teachers, a multiple of prejudices, ‘hypnotic’ commands, wrong or inappropriate answers to inquiries, illogical interpretations, etc.

In this Volume 1 of Surgical Psychoanalysis, Dr MP Rambarun has made special efforts, using simple words, to scrupulously explain the various seemingly (but not actually) inoffensive everyday mechanisms which may ‘suck’ children, drop by drop, in the tornado of ‘mental delinquency’! Having the knowledge of these mechanisms at their fingertips, parents shall have the know-how to prevent their children from getting lost in a labyrinth of everyday life misconceptions, and to, instead, assist and guide them towards a sound, healthy and logical mind.

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