Vegan Cooking For Online Entrepreneurs

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Vegan Cooking For Online Entrepreneurs


In summary, this book will teach you how to reverse diseases by adapting a vegan lifestyle.


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Whether you have been vegan for a while or just starting out, you are going to learn about the health benefits of the vegan diet.

In this book, I am going to cover these topics: 

  • How to stock your pantry
  • Hidden ingredients to avoid
  • An understanding of basic cooking techniques
  • Typical foods that make up the vegan diet
  • How to put together healthy meals
  • Adapting the vegan diet for different health problams
  • New recipes
  • Juicing for rapid weight loss
  • Anti-inflammantory Ginger-Tumeric Herbal Tea
  • Tumeric Mask
  • Papaya seeds for Parasite Cleanse

No matter why you chose the vegan lifestyle, this book has been designed as a resource that is designed to take you closer to achieve a fully vagan and healthy lifestyle. 

  • Susan Medina
    02 Nov 2021

    This book has really helped me to lower my blood sugar and blood pressure by becoming a vegan. I recommend getting this book. You will be happy you did.