Twitter Ads Success

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Twitter Ads Success


In summary, this book will teach you everything you need to know about Twitter and how to use this platform to build a successful business from content creation to lead generation.


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Twitter is an incredible powerful online news and social networking service. It's in a unique league of it's own due to several features that set it apart from the other social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus. 

Firstly, one of the main functions and uses of Twitter is as a news/events broadcasting channel. In many ways it's more a news ticker than a social networking platform (albeit a news ticker wher you get to choose what news you want to hear about by choosing who you follow).

In fact, it's become a must-have resource for news networks and journalists who want to stay in the know about anything newsworthy in their areas. Journalists make up almost 25% of all verified Twitter accounts. Secondly, Twitter is all about short burst broadcasts. All posts consists of tiny bit sized messages, called Tweets, of 140 characters or less, or some combination of video/images and text. 


  • James Deno
    20 Oct 2021

    When I first started using Twitter, I was not getting any results. This book has helped me and I am not getting results in my business. Thank you, Nadia!