Go Camping  – (The Family Camping Guide)

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Go Camping – (The Family Camping Guide)

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This book will work as a full family camping guide.


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Camping at Yellowstone is a huge value, especially when you consider the beautiful scenery and all the free activities that you will have access to. Fires are permitted in special fire grates so you can have that all important family campfire at night.Camping at the Crater of Diamonds Park is very inexpensive. Campsite fees are less than $20 and include bathroom facilities, showers and laundry facilities. The campground facility also has a nearly 15,000-ft water park and playground that the kids will love and admission is less than $6 per person, less than $4 per child. The water playground is also available for private rental with lifeguards on duty so if you want to rent the water park for a child’s birthday you can. In this book you'll get every details about camping in these two beautiful places.

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