Fundraising 101 Made Successful For Everyone Fundraising 101 Made Successful For Everyone

Fundraising 101 Made Successful For Everyone


Fundraising 101 Made Successful For Everyone is designed to educate and help your family or organization establish basic elements BEFORE you begin fundraising. Our eBook works for ANY peer-to-peer fundraising opportunity. Use discount code FR1014A.


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Our eBook goal is to educate your family or organization in peer-to-peer fundraising opportunities and to  present an affordable 24/7 milestone-based online partnership fundraiser opportunity with our MSK-P2P Team to benefit families and organizations in need of fundraising.

Our user-friendly interactive eBook teaches adults 18 and older:

  • Step-by-step instructions designed to help establish the basic elements needed for ANY successful peer-to-peer fundraising experience.
  • Step-by-step instructions designed to help establish a Fundraising Team.
  • Fundraising with our MSK-P2P Team can be done 24/7 online from home and using social media. No baking, car washing or waiting for weeks to get your generated funds!
  • MSK-P2P Team detailed information designed to provide goal-oriented fundraising information and financial milestones that realistically be achieved.
  • Provides detailed information on additional popular peer-to-peer fundraisers for your Fundraising Team to consider.

Our eBook includes real-time links directly to the sources of information so you can know what you want to obligate to doing and make an informed decision. Our eBook is designed to benefit all that purchase it, financially as well as educationally.  It will cost about twenty dollars to purchase our eBook for fundraising purposes. 

This investment is far more affordable than the fundraising opportunities you will learn about and covers all our resources and materials our MSK-P2P Team will provide you to support your fundraising success.  

  • Barbera Louisa
    10 Mar 2020

    I came across this eBook by word of mouth from a co-worker. Wow! It's quite comprehensive and provides all the information I need to know to be effective at my upcoming fundraising endeavor. I particularly like the MSK-P2P Team milestone goals explained in the eBook. I am looking forward to partnering with MSK-P2P Team once I build my fundraising team. It is quite an impressive opportunity!

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