Phantom Lady Issue 15

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Phantom Lady Issue 15


Phantom Lady Issue: #15 Published: December 1947, Price: 0.10 USD, Pages: 36, Editing: Data courtesy of the Grand Comics Database™ https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


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Issue: #15
Published: December 1947, Price: 0.10 USD, Pages: 36, Editing:
Color: Color Dimensions: 7 1/4" X 10" Paper Stock: Glossy Cover; Newsprint Interior Binding: Saddle-stitched Publishing Format: Was Ongoing Series
Notes: Story titles added by Craig Delich (April 6, 2007). On-sale date from Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series, Vol. 1, Part 2 Periodicals, 1947, Nos. 1 & 2, p. 294. (The Catalog lists the December issue number, however, incorrectly as "17.")
 Comic Contents:
Cover (1 page) An Army of Walking Dead!
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Phantom Lady [Sandra Knight]

Comic Story (12 pages) An Army of Walking Dead!
Synopsis: Doctor Crime ships zombies around the country, getting them ready to use when he attempts to take over the United States.
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Phantom Lady [Sandra Knight] Don Borden Senator Henry Knight Dr. Crime (villain, Introduction) Tarno (villain, Introduction, A Zombie, Death)

Text Story (2 pages) Fish for Small Fry
Synopsis: Ivy the Itch uses his artistic abilities to design counterfeit money.
Credits: Letters: typeset
Genre: Crime
Characters: Spence Martin Ivy The Itch [Irving Kane] (villain) Louie Lucas (villain)

Comic Story (1 page) Women of the Tropics
Featuring: Tropical Topics...
Genre: Non-fiction

Comic Story (10 pages) World's Meanest Crook!
Synopsis: The Phantom Lady looks into a racket that is being run by a crook named Foreclose that sells the property to a person, then makes sure the person can't make the first payment and forecloses on them.
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Phantom Lady [Sandra Knight] Senator Henry Knight Don Borden Mel Dobbs (a Veteran) Mary Dobbs (Mel's Wife) Foreclose (villain, Introduction)

Comic Story (7 pages) The Red Rain!
Synopsis: Phantom Lady must stop the Vulture and his minions who are using a red rain to foretell the death of a famous person.
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Phantom Lady [Sandra Knight] Senator Henry Knight Don Borden Honey O'Brien (actress, Death) Vulture (villain, Introduction, Death) Red Rain Gang (villains, Introduction For All, All Die)