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An Easy-to-Read Special Extra Large Print Crossword Puzzles Book for Seniors with Today’s Contemporary Dictionary Words as Brain Games for Seniors (Jumbo Puzzle Book for Adults), Vol. 1!


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Welcome to this 50+ Jumbo Print Crosswords

…A special extra-large print crossword puzzles book for seniors with Today’s Contemporary Dictionary Words as brain games for seniors’ large print Vol. 1! Without doubt, this is PERFECT For Anyone with Vision Difficulties!

The truth is that when we decided to make a series of extra-large Crosswords books we never imagined how many lives we would touch doing this.

As a matter of fact, we have received so many glowing reviews from people that bought them for a loved one that had vision glitches like macular degeneration or are legally blind but it makes us so glad that we can bring a little happiness into their lives.

You see the print in most books in stores and indeed, many we produced earlier were just not large enough for the seniors’ failing eyes so we resolved to design a series of "Extra Large" Crosswords books for them and bring a little delight into their lives.

Therefore, the books in this Crosswords series will all feature the same layout as follows:

  • There are 50+ puzzles each having 25 words.

The left page has the word clues in two columns and is the largest font possible for an 8.5 x 11 book!

  • The right page has the puzzle which also fills the entire page.
  • The answers to the puzzles are all placed in the back and numbered to match the actual puzzles; Puzzle 1, Puzzle 2, etc.
  • There are 52 x 25 Words list to find… that is roughly 1,300 words!

Moreover, we are confident that even those with the poorest eyesight will be able to work these extra-large word search puzzles. You don't believe me? Just do a "Look Inside" to see how large the clues and puzzles are and then go ahead, make an order for yourself or a loved one today!  Enjoy


  • Jayman
    07 Feb 2024

    Engaing puzzles that challenges the mind

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