Marlene Roberson

Marlene Roberson

About Marlene Roberson

I'm a KDP self-publisher and course creator.

Those who know me will tell you that I have "itchy" feet and love to travel (especially cruises to different destinations). The photo was taken on a cruise I took with my daughter to celebrate her graduating from university as well as my birthday.

As an accountant for +-40 years, I spent years in a corporate rat race that went absolutely nowhere. Go to work, stare at numbers all day, go home. Rinse and repeat. Eventually I knew something had to give.

But escaping the corporate life isn’t quick and it isn’t easy. There are bills to pay, after all. So, I started looking around and investigating possible ways to earn some extra income and free up time, so I could spend time doing what I love.

My search led me down many different paths, all of them incapable of giving me the financial freedom that I wanted. About to resign myself to my fate, I stumbled upon book publishing on Amazon in 2016.

At first I dismissed the idea – it isn’t easy to publish books, I thought, and I just didn’t have the time to learn how to do it. But the idea continued to intrigue me and eventually I started doing some more digging into publishing books on Amazon (By then known as Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP for short).
Much to my surprise, I discovered that publishing on KDP isn’t difficult at all and doesn’t require a design degree, English degree, or a lot of time/money to get started. Many ordinary people with limited time and means were doing it and seeing great success, so if them, then why not me?

If not, indeed. I threw myself head first into KDP, learning new skills and having fun while building up passive income.

It took a long time, bouncing between multiple sources of information, some of them better than others. Then, the idea hit me: there were millions of people out there like me, desperate for a way to earn more money, but unsure of where to even start, so why not put all the information I wished I'd had when I got started in one handy spot to make it easier for other people?

And that’s how Passive Income Publishing (PIP) got started. It’s a course to show how easy it is to get started as a self-publisher and get other people like myself on the road to earning more money so they can be more financially independent. Because if I can, then why can't you?