Cynthia Saarie

Cynthia Saarie

About Cynthia Saarie


Award-winning author, Video Script copywriter, Commercial Content and Ad copywriter, Voiceover Artist, Vocalist, and Christian lay minister.

 https://youtu.be/y4Cxhnutrso  -  https://CynthiaSaarie.com  - [email protected]

A Certified Professional Copywriter that Specializes in Commercial Scripts for Video/Radio/TV/Webcasts. Cynthia has years of experience in writing, speaking, singing, and voiceover work. 

Cynthia specializes in short videos for businesses and writes  B2B /B2C content for Newsletters, Blogs, E-books, Articles, Brochures, Headlines, and Banners.

You have a Business. Cynthia writes the copy that has the purchasing public looking at You and Your Business.

Be Seen and Heard with Quality Copy, Videos, and E-books for Your Business to offer Your Customers. 

Competitive pricing and options. If you're not using professionally written copy... my question to you is:  How's Business?