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About Color Me In.Art

Color Me In Art is a mom and daughter team who love being creative together! We love color, cooking and doing things that keep the brain sharp.

That's why we create journals, notebooks and different kinds of books that include color, food and various other activities that stimulate your brain :-)

We want our books to be useful and bring joy to people's live. We hope we achieve that, but the only way we can be really sure is by getting feedback from you!

If you have suggestions on how we can improve our books, or maybe just want to chat, we'd love to hear from you. Any ideas on what we should add, change or create, will be much appreciated. You can get in touch with us at [email protected]

We appreciate you choosing our books and journals and hope you find a lot of value and enjoyment! Please support us by leaving a review.

You can also find our books on Amazon.com

Talk soon!

Marlene & Michelle