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If I ever chose to write about my life it would read more like a Soap Opera than anything else, though I much prefer to write, and speak about My God.

Simply put that is my Calling- to share those things I have learned as touching the King! Psalm 45 :1

Surely we have all been through life’s ups and downs but one thing remains constant, and that is our Abba Fathers amazing love for us, and His constant care because after all, we really need it!

One thing is for certain in this life, and that is we cannot gain understanding, and wisdom without growing pains!


" The Church."

Through a ten year process I would experience and witness things within the Church that would rock most people to the core, and as I questioned everything I would come to realize we are all called to walk the path that God has chosen according to the gifts that He has ordained for us.

The sad reality is that many are called, not many are Chosen, even fewer stay on the narrow path- because they disqualify themselves. My instructions were to compile these things I would see, hear, and come to understand into a book, and take it to the Church so that they may prepare for The King's Return!




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MCC, DD, Ordained Minister

Founder/ Director of Glory Train Ministries 2000-2010

Presently PodCasting, Writing and Authoring.

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