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Thank you for your patience with us as we've continued our construction. Happy to say that construction is completed and new ebooks will be added to the shelves regularly. 

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As a Social Media Marketing Consultant, Etienne promoted novice and aspiring authors via his online talk shows (before Hurricanes Irma and Maria knocked his talk shows off the air), but he continues to pin their books on his Pinterest board, For the Novice Author, and posting them on their Facebook pages and other social media sites. Follow him on Pinterest and on Facebook. Better yet, if you care to follow Etienne on his social media sites, please click on the Share icon to the far right of his name.

He is also well-known for creating Tribute Boards on his Pinterest account to give extended exposure to role models, the people, despite their adversities, who are doing wonderful things to help others and/or pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Etienne's Tribute Boards are intended to extend the 15-minutes of fame of the role models and expose their accomplishments across the world wide web.

If you've decided to write your first ebook (and more) and/or wish to convert it to ebook format, stop by and brainstorm with Etienne. You can easily brainstorm and initiate your ebook plans with him. To get your ebook plan going, visit Etienne and staff at EAG Social Media Marketing.

As a leader, 
Etienne has consistently demonstrated success in developing and implementing the training of newly hired or recently promoted employees with the ability to think creatively.

Etienne has demonstrated success in designing seminars, conducting management training, recruiting trainees, and writing articles and books.

Specialties: Former talk show host/producer with a focus on new and aspiring authors, parenting educator/advocate, supporter of Black History Month in February and Virgin Islands History Month in March, customer service training, personal development, human relations, management training, writer of articles, currently social media marketing, and ebook publishing.

Drop by often to see what surprises about Etienne's ebooks will be added to our new store. In the meanwhile, please feel free to click on "Home" and "Categories" to explore our main store and order as many ebooks as you wish. Want to track your purchases? We have a link for that! 

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