EAG's Ebook Publishing Store

EAG's Ebook Publishing Store

About EAG's Ebook Publishing Store

We apologize for the impact of the lock-in and other related pandemic issues. Additionally, we were deleted from updating our store. Yes, folks, you'll see a huge collection of ebooks on our shelves.  

We intend to face you with the re-opening of our ebook store, just in time for kids, in-betweens, and seniors just in time for a Covid Christmas Season! We're still having a lag-go, but we're working on it. Keep us in your thoughts.

Take a look at what will be coming on our shelves and more coming in! Parents, single-moms especially will love to see what we have for their children. We'll also have products for Senior Members that they will love, especially with low prices for them. Veterans will also get more than purchasing products, but we'll also get to publish their own ebook(s) with our help.

I thank you for your patience as we're continuing our construction and stacking of new ebooks and products that will be offered as deals. The deals, suited as gifts for seniors, for you, or for your family, will apply to our ebooks, coloring ebooks, games, 3D puzzles, and follow-the-dots

If you plan to write an ebook and/or convert a copy of your manuscript to ebook format, stop by to easily brainstorm your ebook plans with Etienne. To get your ebook plan going, visit Etienne and staff at [email protected].

Drop by often to see what surprises about Etienne's ebooks will be added to our new store. In the meanwhile, please feel free to click on "Home" and "Categories" to explore our main store and order any ebooks as you wish. Want to track your purchases? We have a link for that! 

So, get your ebook publishing plans started! Submit your manuscript via our email at top of the page.