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About Blue Jay Media Group

Blue Jay Media Group’s philosophy is that we all have something great within us just waiting to get out. We just have to discover it and share it. Through the use of a personal record of experiences, and reflection, you can discover your inner-self and share it with the world.


Blue Jay Media Group creates high-quality journals, diaries, notebooks, planners and art books for those seeking the best in themselves.  With inspiring designs and wonderful products, we hope to help unleash your inner Shakespeare, thought words on paper.


Everybody has a special story within them to tell, just waiting to get out there for the world to discover.


We have all types of journals, notebooks, and planners to name a few.


All come in a large assortment of sizes and shapes.  Some our journals have blank pages, whilst others have an assortment of lines and grids. Ideal for your writing pleasure. 


Come along and browse our vast library to find that special one that is just right for your needs!

Books By Blue Jay Media Group