Frameworks II: Into the Fire
Science Fiction & Fantasy

Frameworks II: Into the Fire


Doctor Decker was put in a virtual reality trap that has 24 separate virtual chambers and does not know how to free himself. Yet, do the people who are with him, have the capacity to bring him out?




General Corsica had promised Doctor Decker that he wanted to give him one more experience of the Joshua Lab.  He wanted to make sure Doctor Decker was trapped forever for betraying him.   He arranged the virtual chambers so that each chamber would be a specific kind of torture, whether it was mental or physical.  He wanted to make sure Doctor Decker never forgot why he got there.  What made it even more difficult for him was that General Corsica wanted the the virtual reality rooms to shuffle evert new virtual round.  General Corsica had set it that Doctor Decker could never figure his way out, leaving him a dribbling dweeb for the rest of his life.  This made it even better for General Corsica than if he just killed him for his disgusting betrayal.