How to Calm Your Worries, Anxieties, and Fears in a Time of Great Stress How to Calm Your Worries, Anxieties, and Fears in a Time of Great Stress

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How to Calm Your Worries, Anxieties, and Fears in a Time of Great Stress


A wonderful ebook with powerful understandings and techniques to bring calm to your life right now in the midst of great stress and challenge. Real solutions. Complete audiobook, 2 meditation recordings, uplifting and inspiring!


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How to Calm Your Worries, Anxieties, and Fears  in a Time of Great Stress

Here's an ebook filled with powerful understandings, ideas, and techniques for life right now in the midst of great stress and challenge. You'll find a sense of hope and a potential higher reason for all that’s going on during these stressful times. This is a way to make sense of it all, to see a plan in the universe to bring forth an uplifted result.

You’ll learn a wonderful four-step technique that will bring your fears, worries, and anxieties into a state of inner peace: The Radiant Power Technique


1 Audiobook, 2 Audio Meditations, PDF and

10 More Inner Solutions for Your Life

Fully illustrated


How to Meditate,  How to Do Self Hypnosis,  How to Visualize, How to Do Special Breathing Techniques and MORE

How to shift your thoughts

What happens when you pray

How to raise your consciousness

How to heal what needs to be healed

How to create a new reality

How to take action and take your life to an entirely new level

How to cultivate a happier mind

If the transformation of your consciousness is what you’re about right now, this book is for you. It will give you techniques and tips to take you higher and higher into a profound reality. We are now in the midst of the great transformation—the opportunity to uplift our world to a state of humaneness and spiritual evolution.

The calamities of our time are seen as the experiences taking us ultimately to the next level of consciousness and human life on this plane of existence. It is time for the Satya Yuga, the age of great peace, to come to this world. Decide to live in a courageous warrior’s world instead of a fearful world. You can shift your perspective so much that you’re able to “change the channel” and move from a dark point of view into an altered world of light.

  • Raju Haque
    22 Apr 2020

    I was blown away by this book! It's the best book I have read to help with anxiety and depression. Really lifted my spirits high. I'm a life-long believer and practitioner of self-help and self-improvement, and this book is special. Thanks Marilyn for writing this wonderful ebook!

  • Gina Orlando, MA, CH
    22 Apr 2020

    A brilliant, approachable, helpful and beautiful e-book! Marilyn, a life transformation teacher and practitioner for decades, shares important mind-body-spirit and philosophical concepts and practices to help you get important stress and anxiety relief on all levels. This resource and work of art is perfectly timed during this cultural crisis. Easy, affordable, effective and quick techniques are desired to reduce anxiety, stress and fears and to empower hope and healing. This ebook ‘pops and glistens.’ It’s accessible and beautiful!

  • Dianne Kathryn Short
    22 Apr 2020

    This is such a compelling ebook, I wanted to keep on reading it and not put it down. It has so many powerful ideas and remedies for life now. It's a truly superb ebook! Right on target.

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