Effective Entrepreneurial Action
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Effective Entrepreneurial Action


This book focuses primarily on the business mindset and what it takes to become successful in business. Most people just dive in instead of taking thought and planning their way, similar to a vacation itinerary.


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-Are you an employee and are thinking of starting a business, whether full or part time, but are kind of scared to venture out?

-Have you already started a business and are wondering why things aren't quite going the way you thought they would go?

-Are you looking to become more effective as an entrepreneur?

-Are you looking to make income at a faster rate?

-If you've answered yes to any of these questions don't worry it's not your fault. What this reading this book will give you are answers to these questions and many more. You will even learn some executive ways of thinking that could help you explode your business!

How you will benefit from reading this book:

-In step by step format obtain the ability to distinguish between the mindsets that will facilitate success in business, as opposed to the mindsets that don’t.

-Find out from a practical stand point the specific key elements needed to be successful as an entrepreneur, whether the business is traditional, online, or through networks, such as affiliate and network marketing. 

-Incorporate the key traits of an Executive and employ those values into your own lifestyle.

-Learn how to set up an effective itinerary for your life’s ambitions, dreams, or goals. -Understand what makes an Entrepreneur effective, as opposed to one being not so effective.

-Learn about a poorly understood but very effective tool to reduce one’s personal tax liability.

-Discover the simple method of (Combined Asset Building) as a means to keep afloat in this shaky economy. 

Bonus Chapter -Utilize the asset building techniques to mimic the actions of a bank, as if the bank was yours! 

  • Scott Shivadecker
    18 Dec 2013

    This book is a must read pre-requisite to ANY other entrepreneurial book you may read. Before learning the "hows" to any entrepreneurial endeavor (whether it be investing in the markets, real estate, or even multi-level marketing) one must learn the proper mind-set of a successful business person; and this book gives the insight into the entrepreneurial mind-set

  • Phillip Guerra
    13 Dec 2013

    Not typically into business book. A lot of the guru's make you feel like they are way up high, and you are way down there. Regan takes you on a tour of simple plans of action that go a long way. He gives information that is simple enough to follow and is not overwhelming or unrealistic. If you are new to business and you want to get information that even the average Joe can understand and implement, then this is the book for you. The bonus audio is good for listing in the car or on your smartphone while jogging so you can keep the ideas fresh and really remember what you've read in this nifty read. It is a good read whether you're operating a small business or if someday you operate a large corporation, the benefits are obvious. No one can ever accomplish much or move in the right direction unless the know how to take the right course of action.

  • Dan Cooper
    05 Jun 2019

    Effective Entrepreneurial Action, for Beginners and Beyond-- is a hard read, but with a little persistence, one may glean from its pages what makes for the bare essentials of successful entrepreneurship. Hard for me, that is, as a bit of a perfectionist, to wade through the errors in grammar and syntax; and difficult also to follow the progress of the author's thought and message. Mr. Regan begins with a bit of flattery for the reader only having to open this e-book; emphasizes the necessity of goals and dreams, and of good attitudes; adds liberal doses of encouragement to apply basic concepts of good business practices; and throws in a few lessons in Economics 101. "As a man thinks, so is he." he reminds us, and sprinkles Scripture and other choice quotes throughout his narrative, with a preponderance of figurative speech and (mixed) metaphors. I remember many years ago, for the author has long been a friend of mine, when a mutual friend of ours challenged us, or at least myself, with some of these same principles: of setting goals and committing oneself to persevere to reach them. For me, I often remember that with a bit of regret, for not striving as I might, with my eye on a certain prize. That is, I never really learned some of these basic attitudes and techniques. So for me, reading this was like taking a bittersweet pill in remembrance. But along with this negative critique, I must hand it to my old friend, he has himself persevered and striven to apply himself to the task at hand, of giving his all to this and at least one other literary work of his desire.

  • Adrian Ramirez
    06 Jun 2019

    This is a great book for those that are thinking of going into business for themselves, because it gives you the different views of the four business mindsets. It also talks about taking advantage of tax deductions, and even longer range investments which are easy to do.