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Most Wanted BBQ Recipes


We’ve Got The Best Barbecue Recipes Ever! Each of the recipes in our cookbook has been tried and tested. We’ve put them to the test on our friends and family.


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Every single one of the recipes included have been a hit by everyone who enjoyed them. Don’t make the mistake of serving up something people have eaten a thousand times before.
No one wants to eat potato salad that’s smothered in mayonnaise. You also don’t want to serve the same old boring macaroni salad that’s just as bad.

A New Twist On An Old Time Favorite

You’ve eaten barbecue your whole life. You probably think that it can’t get any better. You’ll realize how wrong you were after putting our recipes to the test.
How many times have you sunk your teeth into ribs that used the same old dry rub? Worse yet are ribs drenched in store-bought BBQ sauce.
We’ll teach you how to make your own sauce and what spices work best with grilled meats.
You’ll also have a plethora of new side dishes that everyone will be crazy about. All of that and so much more is included in our BBQ cookbook.
The recipes enclosed will change the way you think about barbecue forever.