Understanding Heart Disease And How You Prevent It Understanding Heart Disease And How You Prevent It

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Understanding Heart Disease And How You Prevent It


This ebook will show you how your heart is one of the most important organs in your body. You will learn about its anatomy and functions and to look after it in order to prevent heart disease - price in the UK £15 and in the US $17


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eBook Content Details:

In this eBook you will learn how to Understand Heart Disease and more importantly How To Prevent It. Inside the content will cover many different aspects of the very real dangers of suffering a heart attack and recognising the symptoms and why it’s so important to take good care of your heart. Heart disease has many contributing factors that can increase your risk, and we look into the most commonly linked with developing the condition and what you can do to slow down and lessen the risk of having a stroke and or heart attack. Choosing to exercise and eat the right nutrition every day is a decision that helps keep your heart in good working order and there is so much more to discover. 

Included within this eBook you will find the following Chapters:

Prevent Heart Disease by Learning About Your Heart
Functions of the Heart
Anatomy of the Heart
How Heart Disease Interferes With These Functions
5 Major Causes of Heart Disease You Should Avoid
Major Causes of Heart Disease
Reducing Your Risk Level
Modern Advances in the Treatment of Heart Disease
A Better Understanding of Heart Disease
Developments in Heart Disease Treatment Methods
3 Major Complications Caused by Heart Disease
Heart Disease’s Major Complications
Avoiding These Complications
Understanding Heart Disease’s Connection to Arrhythmias
What Is Heart Arrhythmia?
Heart Arrhythmia and Heart Disease
What Is the Best Heart Healthy Diet for Heart Disease?
What Is the Mediterranean Diet?
How to Follow the Mediterranean Diet
Advances in Treating Cholesterol to Manage Heart Disease
Cholesterol and Heart Disease
Advancements in Cholesterol and Heart Disease TreatmentMethods
5 How to Recognise the Symptoms of a Heart Attack
How to Recognise a Heart Attack
Heart Attack Differences Between Men and Women
How to React If You Are Having a Heart Attack
5 Types of Medications Used to Combat Heart Disease
Medications Used for Heart Disease Treatment
Talk to Your Doctor About Heart Disease
What Can You Do to Avoid Developing Heart Disease?
Lifestyle Changes for Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease
Diet Control as Heart Disease Treatment

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