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Battling Anxiety


Understanding Your Anxious Mind and Self-Help Mood Therapies


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To understand the meaning of the term “anxiety attack,” it is essential to understand the difference between “anxiety” and an “anxiety attack.” Anxiety is a normal emotionalstate of mind that is caused as a reaction to a stressfulsituation or a distressing physical condition. This normal condition takesthe form of an aberration when the individual continuesto experience stress even when the stressful situation or condition islong past or if the individual experiencessevere anxiety orstressin the absence of any obviousstress causing conditions. It is often difficult to distinguish between a heart attack and an anxiety attack, asthe symptomsfor both are almostsimilar.

  • Jessica Mccoy
    28 May 2019

    The book was easy to read, well worded and well written. I would for sure recommend the book.

  • Santos Fox
    31 May 2019

    Loved it!

  • Sonya Burns
    08 Jun 2019

    Well worth your time.