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Protection & Prevention Series 1


The best thing you can do for yourself, to protect and prevent any type of cold or virus, is to strengthen your lungs. Learn Focus Meditation and "Reverse" Deep Breathing to strengthen your lungs.


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This amazing eBook teaches you how to strengthen your hips and posture, through visualization and "reverse" deep breathing.

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  • Tony Modica
    27 Mar 2020

    The ebook is great. I have been using the focus meditation before hikes and workouts. It helps concentration and during the last distances, my brain actually visualized my body breathing without me trying to visualize. Pretty cool! It also relieves a little of the anxiety about this COVID 19 situation. After 4 days of doing the focused breathing during walks and workouts, it just happens without trying and it helps - Awesome

  • Betsey M Ho
    29 Mar 2020

    The eBook looks great. I have the Focus Meditation ebook on my phone which I review before bedtime, I can feel the "chi" circulating. Also, practice the inhale (front upper chest) and exhale (upper back) which also works the diaphragm

  • Diana Feghaly
    01 Apr 2020

    I would sincerely like to thank you very much for your kindness and good heart to share this important breathing exercise, especially in these troubling times. People like me with lung problems will benefit greatly and your video is a wonderful incentive to DO IT for our health’s sake!