Wing Chun Big Idea Form Internal Power Wing Chun Big Idea Form Internal Power

Wing Chun Big Idea Form Internal Power


Learn how to achieve internal power through visual imagery and deep breathing fast.


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Do you want to get Internal Power fast?

Wing Chun Little Idea Form, Lesson 1, contains pictures of Sifu Greg Yau standing in the Wing Chun basic stance for grounding and rooting. The Green Dots represent Acupuncture points and the Green Arrows teach the energy flow of the body's energy.  A special breathing technique strengthens the Lungs and the Heart.  

The results are instantaneous. Each person has his or her own pace of learning. Some people have a better awareness of their bodies. 

The postures, visualization, and deep breathing are habit training, not exercise. Practice until the internal power becomes second nature or reflex. It becomes automatic without having to think but just feel your internal body with emotion when you do your Siu Nim Tao. 

When you finish doing your Siu Nim Tao feel the solid foundation in your legs.

In short, practicing consistently you will improve with any Wng Chun lineage that you are doing FAST.    

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